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The ALCOME foundry, situated to SAINT-CHAMOND, realizes works of foundry, equipment and manufacturing.
We work in foundry the light, cuprous alloys in big and small series.
We make the manufacturing, the assembly, the deburring of rooms(parts,plays) and we realize equipments.
The ALCOME foundry checks(controls) the projects and the finishes before the delivery of finished products.
Our fields of intervention go of the Railroad industry, in street furniture, office furniture, building(ship).
The engineering consulting firm of the Foundry ALCOME imagines with you the subsets which you need and make studies C.A.O. Present in France and in Poland ( A.L.P), we assure(insure) from the beginning to the end all your demands(requests).

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ALCOME
Jean-Pierre Blein


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